Plants are in alphabetical order which is in accordance with a scientific name.
The nomenclature is Retkeilykasvio's according.

In this digital flora there are blossoming plants that have been photographed in summer 1999 and 2000 from the area of the municipality of Taivalkoski. For now lot of plants. are missing, for example hays, sedges etc. Hopefully they are also obtained to supplement this flora in 2001.

The digital photograph is a good solution also ecologically for several reasons:

Click the name of the plant You wish to see, and You will get a photo of the plant in the middle of the screen.

The pictures of this digi-flora are freely available into teaching use or to private use (for example to www-pages.) However, the source (© Kalevi Hirvonen) must be mentioned in connection with the use.

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Updated 9.6.2001